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There are unlimited opportunities in the software areas. However the acute shortage of persons with right skills have forced various organisations to outsource their work. Even though we do have a lot of professionals technically qualified in these areas it is observed that they lack the right skill. The current curriculums rarely address such challenges. Globalisation is redefining the technology and skill requirement. We through our skill development diploma in java, PHP and android enable the students to activate their hidden practical knowledge by enlightening the student with qualitative and technical education. With right faculties, technical infrastructure and regular industry interaction we prepare each student to be job ready by the time they complete the training program in java, PHP and android.


The embedded technologies are becoming more pervasive touching all aspects of life. Industry is starved by properly educated and trained manpower. We are trying to align the skill demand in the embedded area by supplementing normal academic education with vocational skill in specific areas. While focusing on developing the analytical and creative skills we are sure the students whom we train may be capable for direct absorption. The enormous areas where opportunities are available for embedded engineers are automobile, avionics, biomedical, lighting, non conventional energy, information technology, signalling, telecommunication as well as almost all areas of life.

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